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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Answer :
The streaming video feature requires an Internet connection greater than 2Mbits/s and preferably without any other application utilizing the Internet on your computer at the same time. Your Internet connection may also be slow due to your Internet access supplier, a Wi-Fi connection. IMPORTANT: DORCELTV.COM is in no case responsible for the flow of your ADSL line which may be insufficient in certain circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.
This problem is not caused by our site but by the version of Flash you are using.
We suggest you update your Flash here:
If you own a Mac, the Flash version for Mac is available here:
To resolve this problem, try one of the following methods:
- Make certain that you are using the most recent graphics cards obtained directly from the manufacturer of the graphics card or the manufacturer of the system. If you update the drives, make sure that the color quality parameter of the Properties dialog box has not been reinitialized.
- Verify that you have installed the other software updates available for the graphics card. Also verify that you have installed the most recent updates for Microsoft DirectX. To obtain other software updates for your graphics card as well as updates for DirectX, go to the Microsoft Website at the following address:
Enjoy the best image quality possible by watching your film on full screen! To do so, once the film has begun, double click on this command. The video will be shown on full screen. To return to the normal mode of viewing, double click again on the video or press the ESCAPE button.
It is necessary to wait 2 or 3 minutes for the payment page to appear. Another possibility is that the network is currently full and the site is blocked. Therefore, please return at a time when the network is less in use.
It is possible that your computer will not accept the cookies that we place on your computer to validate the payment. To correct this problem, go to the options of your Internet browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari) and accept the cookies.
We accept the following bank cards: Carte Bleue, Visa, Master Card. Your card will not be accepted if your card is not one of the above or if your banking information is not correctly filled out:
- The banking card must have a number consisting of 16 characters
- The date of validity must be in the form: mmyy (example 0712 for July 2012)
- The encryption code corresponding to the 3 last numbers of the 11 numbers on the back of your card.

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